Naples PPC: Pay Per Click Advertising in Naples, FL

Stop wasting precious ad dollars for ongoing managed services when all you need is strategy and setup. Offering a different approach to pay per click advertising with an affordable, turnkey process crafted for local SMBs.

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Generate Leads & Get More Customers with PPC

Grow your business with Google Ads! Get in front of new and existing customers when they’re specifically searching for businesses and services like yours on Google Search and Maps. The best part: you only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Don't lose new customers to your competition by missing out on pay per click.

While pay per click advertising is a powerful tool to immediately reach active customers, search engine optimization (SEO) provides a cost-effective, long-term growth strategy.

Unique Approach to PPC

Reducing administrative processes, unnecessary tasks, and excessive reporting to ensure that more of your investment goes directly into your Google Ads spend.

No Management Fees

You only pay for strategy and setup so you're not wasting precious ad dollars on monthly management, excessive 'optimizations', and shiny reports. 100% of your monthly spend goes to Google Ads.

Own & Manage Your Account

It's likely that you need help with Google Ads because you don't have the time or experience to do it yourself. I'll set you up for success and then give you keys to maintain (pause, adjust budget).

Custom Landing Pages

Getting high-quality traffic means nothing if your page can't convert. Custom landing pages can increase your Quality Score, provide a better user-experience, and increase conversions.

Pay Per Click Services

Research & Keyword Analysis

Gather general industry information (in and out of market), perform in-depth keyword analysis to identify targeting opportunities. Collaborate with you to understand your objectives and goals.

Competitive Research

Perform a 360° analysis of your top competitors and better understand their marketing and content positioning. Review their SERP rankings and Google Ads Search campaigns to understand requirements to outperform.

Campaign & Ad Group Setup

Collaborate with you on setting your daily ad budget, identifying other targeting parameters, and versioning various campaigns and ad groups to achieve keyword targeting objectives.

Copywriting & Ad Creation

Copywriting is an art and a science. Technical copywriting is required to match keywords to the content on the destination URL and emotion copywriting is needed to focus on the users needs and benefits.

Initial Review & Optimization

The real magic happens after you analyze the initial results and find out more about what is working and what is not. After a few iterations, most local campaigns are fully optimized.


In an effort to keep costs low and processes efficient, reports are automated monthly within Google Ads so you receive the reporting info you need without paying for monthly management.

Scott Carr
Web Developer & Certified Google Ads Pro

About Me

Hello! I'm Scott Carr. I'm a dad, husband, web developer, SEO professional, digital marketer, Purdue University alumni and electric bike enthusiast.

As there is no PPC major in college, I learned the same way that all PPC and digital marketing professionals have learned: considerable online research and hands-on, trial and error experience. What makes me different from most PPC and SEO practitioners is that I'm also a well-versed web developer specializing in content modeling and web performance.

Fun fact: My wife and I also own and operate Naples Electric Bikes, an electric bike rental company in Naples, FL.

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