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Offering a unique and proven approach to SEO with more emphasis on user experience, quality of content, content model/architecture, and site speed and less on unnecessary reporting, buzzwords, and fluff.

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SEO Expertise

Excelling at search engine optimization requires a 360° strategy, extensive experience, and expertise in every aspect of the process.

User Experience

Crafting high quality websites that solve your business needs while providing users all the information they need with a great user experience.

Content Strategy

Collaborating with you on the approach and process to curate and generate high-quality editorial and image content that will appeal to your users and rank in the SERPs.

Site Architecture/Content Modeling

Exceptional content modeling requires extensive keyword research, well-planned hierarchical structuring, and ultimate CMS flexibility.

Semantic Markup (HTML) & Structured Data

Implementing clean HTML, JSON-LD structured data (when applicable), image alt tags, and well-written meta title and description tags.

Local Search

Reviews and engagement! Taking SEO beyond your website with business consulting practices and SOPs to help you gain public acknowledgement.

Web Performance/PageSpeed

Building crazy fast websites (with Lighthouse benchmarks) using the latest technology and optimization techniques to meet Core Web Vitals standards.

Steps to Improving SEO


Gather general industry information (in and out of market), perform a technical and real-world audit of your current website, and identify where you're falling short.

Competitive Analysis

Perform an in-depth analysis of SERP rankings in all relevant queries. Identify who is achieving top rankings (and why) to determine what needs to be done to outperform.

Implement Priority Fixes

Many SEO enhancements can be made with improving meta title tags, bolstering 'thin' content, adding image alt tags, and making keyword adjustments to headers.

PageSpeed Audit/Perf Gains

Increasing site speed is all about incremental gains. Evaluating every technical aspect of the site, from image optimization to external scripts, to meet Core Web Vitals standards.

Google Business Profile

Optimizing your Google Business Profile with keyword targeting and actionable steps to increase 5-star reviews from satisfied customers.

Periodic Review & Analysis

Recommend changes to strategy as needed based on periodic competitive ranking analysis.

Scott Carr
Web Developer & SEO Expert

About Me

Hello! I'm Scott Carr. I'm a dad, husband, web developer, SEO professional, digital marketer, Purdue University alumni and electric bike enthusiast.

As there is no SEO major in college, I learned the exact same way that all SEO professionals have learned: considerable research and hands-on, trial and error experience. What makes me different from most SEO practitioners is that I'm also a well-versed web developer specializing in content modeling and web performance.

Fun fact: My wife and I also own and operate Naples Electric Bikes, an electric bike rental company in Naples, FL.

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